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Our most popular choice

Royal Grass Silk35 is our bestseller. Why it’s so popular? First, this artificial grass is incredibly soft and looks lovely and full. Grass as it’s meant to be. A pleasure to walk on and beautiful to look at. This artificial grass, which has a light brown synthetic rootzone, is right for you if you favour a luxurious appearance. It is as good as natural grass, if not even better! We continually innovate to improve our products to make it look and feel indistinguishable from real grass. Many people choose Silk35 because of its soft feel, full and natural look. Royal Grass is friendly for children and animals, environmentally safe with respect for nature.

  • 35 mm tall grass blades
  • Fitted with supporting rootzone
  • Fresh, summer green colour
  • Extremely suitable as a soft playing surface for children
  • MiNT technology for minimum glare


The very best garden turf when it comes to a natural appearance

Royal Grass Exclusive 3.0 is the very best garden turf when it comes to a natural appearance. You won’t believe your eyes, especially when you know it is imitation grass! The natural appearance is due to the filling of earthy brown-coloured sand. Royal Grass Exclusive 3.0 is the successor of Royal Grass Exclusive, our most popular sand filled artificial grass system. Royal Grass Exclusive has been on the market since 2005 and there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of gardens with this type of imitation grass. Why change a winning team? There is only one difference in our Royal Grass Exclusive 3.0; it consist of 3 shades of green, giving it a beautiful olive green color.

  • 37 mm tall grass blades
  • The grass blades are kept nicely upright
  • A full grassy density
  • Intense colour, three shades of green
  • Durable, will last for many years
  • Fire retardant, thanks to the sand fill


Perfect for Multifunctional sports fields and playing grounds

The powerhouse in our range. Elegantly ‘muscular’ and exceptionally strong at the same time. The perfect candidate for public spaces that are used intensively and are often thread upon.

Additional advantage

Its natural looks. This is not just a great powerhouse, but also a very handsome boy to look at.


The very best garden turf when it comes to a natural appearance

Sense is the youngest member of the Royal Grass® family: a beautiful, soft and lifelike quality. There’s no other quality with a frizz as nice as the Sense. This makes it an ideal quality if you don’t care too much about how intensively it can be used but care all the more about the appearance.

Additional advantage

Its voluminous look. Every fibre of grass curls in its own way and behaves independently of the other fibres making your lawn look airy and playful.


Balcony, terrace, patio, roof, indoor, landscaping…

Do you have a north-facing garden? Does garden maintenance give you nightmares? Are you dealing with extreme drought? If so, then artificial grass is the contemporary solution to your gardening problem. Artificial grass is also a beautiful and practical alternative for balconies and roof terraces: enjoy the wonders of nature in the comfort of your own home without the hassle. Royal Grass artificial grass has a natural appearance and feels wonderfully soft to walk on, even barefoot.

Be inspired by Royal Grass, the possibilities are endless.


Have fun with artificial grass!

Into Garden and it’s partners have completed hundreds of installations of artificial grass throughout Ireland; whether it be beautiful lawns, or golf putting greens. Into Garden exclusively use Royal Grass™ and other European-made artificial grasses when installing putting greens and leisure sports that use artificial grasses. Golf, bowls, croquet and other ball games are all part of our installation service portfolio.

With our artificial grass, you can have fun at home or work all year round!