Artificial grass versus turfing up with real grass rolls

The Emerald Isle has always been an emblem of stunning green spaces, golf courses and gardens.  Almost everywhere you look there is a picture perfect garden or rolling green landscape.  Our interest and attention to the value of these spaces has peaked recently and understanding what it means to have a perfect garden has really hit home. While there has always been a natural ruggedness to our grassy landscapes, the place for artificial grass continues to grow for numerous reasons.

Ireland’s weather has largely been responsible for our grasslands as the consistent rainfall has kept our vegetation alive.  Satellite images show how good a job it has done with the variety of shades and lush green grasses everywhere. The practicality and usability of the natural landscapes now has a very worthy challenger in the way of artificial grass. Artificial grass offers a great alternative especially to places where grass simply doesn’t grow or for those who cannot dedicate the time to maintaining it.

Both real grass and artificial grass have a home in Ireland and there are many reasons to consider both as an option for your needs.

Why do you want grass?

It is quite easy to just decide you want grass without too much consideration for the alternatives and practicalities of its use.

Artificial grass has emerged all over the world simply due to its practicality and year round use. Many sports teams use artificial grass as it can be used all year both indoors and outdoors. The aforementioned rain is not always a blessing and being able to train indoors on a similar surface has given so many teams the edge they have been looking for. Similarly, where grass may not be an option for many with north facing gardens, roof terraces or balconies; artificial grass could be ideal. Your own balcony with a make shift putting green is made perfectly possible by the artificial option.

It goes without saying that natural grass will never become obsolete. Creating your perfect, fresh garden or park will likely always require a real grass option. Golf courses, home gardens, parks and most of our open spaces are simply unbeatable and irreplaceable as they provide many environmental, financial and other benefits. Farmers will always be equipped with the best argument as it is the food they must have available to almost all animals.

Why customers prefer options?

With a bit of thought and ever expanding needs, having the right tool for the job will always ring true.

Artificial grass is a perfect option for many different people. As mentioned, the practicality of training year round calls for a year round option. Aside from sports, installing an artificial grass lawn is a major saver for anyone who does not have the time or energy to bring a new lawn to maturity. Our elderly population benefit majorly from having a green space but the upkeep can often be a challenge. Having artificial grass in their garden gives many of benefits without the labour they might not be able to put in.

Real rolls of grass seems fairly inanimate to most but many people do have a comforting emotional attachment to it. While it seems strange, it is most often the gardens you grew up in or pitches you played on and, to many, it is what makes a garden a garden.  Beyond emotion, the affordability and ease of growing large fields of grass make the real deal a mainstay amongst home owners, landscapers and of course farmers.

Creating and caring for your lawn…

Artificial lawns are hailed for the lack of maintenance and care they require. Although you still need to wash them down, it is so much less care in the long run than the grassy alternative. The installation also has some superiorities as once the garden is laid, it is good to use. Unlike a new grass lawn, it does not need to be nurtured and watered for its survival. Similar to the grass option, there is some ground preparation required. Anything beyond a small garden typically requires professional installation.

Real grass lawns certainly require care and attention. As lovers of DIY projects and garden time, mowing, watering or garden touch ups are never a chore but to some they can be avoided by installing an artificial lawn.

What are the benefits of each?

Both artificial and real grasses have a long list of benefits with some surprises along the way.

Artificial Grass Benefits

For artificial lawns, the most obvious and desirable benefit is the maintenance required. Many people simply want to have a green space they can enjoy without having to carry out regular demanding upkeep. Raking leaves or washing down the lawn every once in a while is a major time saver.

Artificial lawns also tend to be usable year round regardless of weather. While grass may soak, burn, harden or become muddy during the changing conditions, an artificial grass surface will rarely change. In fact it will also keep its colour in north facing gardens and corners that may not get direct sunlight.

This is thanks in no small part to the fact that it is built to endure for a long time. The life-span of artificial grass can be up to 25 years for a regular garden or up to 10 years for a frequently used pitch. A full 25 years without having to do any significant maintenance is a very attractive option to most.

Real Grass Rolls Benefits

While it is a funny thing to admit, real grass is a comfort to many. Whether it is an extension of a playroom or your escape to nature, the garden actually provides quantifiable mental health benefits due to our familiarity with nature. Added to that, the physical and creative act of maintaining a lawn releases endorphins to boost your system so it is no wonder you might feel refreshed coming in after time out on the lawn.

From a purely environmental factor, it is noteworthy that a grass garden of 250 square metres provides enough oxygen for a family of 4. The environment benefits don’t stop at that however, as a grass lawn actually acts as a climate regulator of sorts. Sometimes artificial lawns may absorb heat due to the synthetic fibres whereas a grass garden will disperse the heat and remain cool due to the underlying soil temperatures. The cooling sensation and real grass feel under foot are aspects that many find therapeutic and irreplaceable.

The overall health of your garden may also be a beneficiary of a grass installation. Soil quality is improved by the use of grass as it absorbs nutrients from the sun and rain that it transfers to the soil. This offers improved irrigation for any grass surface as it has somewhere to run off or seep through helping to mitigate erosion issues.

Pricing differences

Artificial grass does come with a higher price tag initially. It may seem quite expensive as a direct comparison but that overlooks many of the follow up costs that are not required. After the initial installation, maintenance fees plummet for the next 25 years so there is little to no lawnmower, fuel or repair costs going forward.

Real grass is a great option for the budget conscious as it usually does not require significant installation costs. In fact, a bag of seed is very inexpensive compared to any terrain alternative. Where the costs do tend to even out over time is usually due to maintenance. Whether it is the buying lawnmowers or fertilizer, you can expect there to be some upkeep costs associated with your gardening.

Artificial or grass, enjoy your green space!

Both artificial and grass options have many unique and interesting benefits from time saving and simplicity to healing and therapeutics. Considering the needs you have for your lawn will most often inform which is best for you. In the long run, both will gift you with a wonderful place to spend time with others, play sports or sit and read a book.

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