About Into Garden


Artificial grass manufacturer Landscape Solutions B.V. (Holland) has been established in 2003 as a subsidiary of Ten Cate and the first European company to specialise exclusively in the development, production and marketing of natural-looking artificial grass systems for consumers, companies and government authorities.

Nowadays, Landscape Solutions is a well-known international artificial grass manufacturer. We supply our artificial grass from The Netherlands to all over Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East, Africa and even to South America!

“Many thanks for dropping off the new piece of Royal Silk 35 grass, much appreciated. Although it’s not the exact match of the existing piece it’s pretty close. We bought the first piece (picture) back in 2005 when we first renovated the garden. It’s performed perfectly and shows no signs of fading or wear and tear. The kids love playing on it all year round as it’s soft and never stays wet. The perfect solution for a kids playing surface. Given the quality of the first piece and our experience today I’m sure the new piece will be just as good.”
Will Connor – Rathmines


Since 2006, Landscape Solutions has been a management owned manufacturer. Landscape Solutions continues to be an innovation partner to TenCate in the development of artificial grass systems for private gardens and public landscaping. Landscape Solutions is currently active through its distribution network in more than 45 countries worldwide.


The goal of all of these activities is to provide a high quality replica of natural grass without such drawbacks as mowing, watering and fertilising. Landscape Solutions markets these artificial grass systems under the brand name Royal Grass, a clear indication of the superior quality of the products. By conducting continuous research into the effects of artificial grass on humans and the environment, we strive to increase the acceptance and use of artificial grass, realizing that the most important aspect for end-users to choose for artificial grass, is the natural look of the product.


Royal TenCate was and still is the world’s largest producer of fibers for the artificial grass industry, with production facilities in the Netherlands, Dubai and the USA. In 2003, TenCate’s subsidiary, Landscape Solutions B.V., developed and marketed a new type of artificial grass specifically designed to be indistinguishable from natural grass. The underlying philosophy was that people increasingly have less time to spend time on maintaining their gardens, yet still want the peace and tranquillity that grass provides. Research showed that people would only consider buying artificial grass for their gardens if their neighbours wouldn’t be able to tell that it wasn’t real.The first type of Royal Grass artificial grass was made from a combination of two carefully selected hues of green, with a lighter colour giving a contrasting effect. This made the grass look less homogeneous and more natural.


Landscape Solutions is a pioneer that has broken new ground in the development of the artificial grass market for private artificial lawns, roof terraces and public landscaping, such as by installing artificial turf on greenbelts and roundabouts. These developments and uses have resulted in artificial grass becoming a more generally accepted product in the landscaping market. Our example has already been followed by many others in this market.