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    Royal Grass™ artificial grass looks 100% natural - unlike other artificial grasses; it is safe for the environment and respect for nature and has a UV warranty of up to 11 years


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Luxury & Quality

Royal Grass™ Silk35 is our bestseller. Why it’s so popular? First, this artificial grass is incredibly soft and looks lovely and full. Grass as it is meant to be. A pleasure to walk on and beautiful to look at. […]


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Artificial Lawns

Do you have a north-facing garden? Does garden maintenance give you nightmares? Are you dealing with extreme drought? If so, then artificial grass is the contemporary solution to your gardening problem. […]


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Play Golf at Home

We have completed hundreds of installations of artificial grass throughout Ireland; beautiful lawns and golf putting greens. With our grass, you can have fun at home (or work) all year round! […]

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We are a full service artificial grass company.

Whether you want to purchase grass from us directly, or have us design and install it, we are there every step of the way

What is Royal Grass™?

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…the natural V-shape

The designers of Royal Grass took their cue from nature. The design of the grass fibres mimics not just the colours, but also the shape and structure of natural grass. A robust core, the “backbone” of the fibres, maintains the upright stance of the fibre. Even under heavy use, the grass is able to spring back into shape.



To make Royal Grass look as natural as possible, we continuously study natural grass. Since 2005, we are the first and only artificial grass manufacturer to produce the ‘V-shape’, inspired by nature. This is a lengthwise fold in each blade, just like real turf.

MiNT technology

Our latest development is Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT). We integrated the micro veins running lengthways on grass fibers. To strongly reduce glare and make our artificial grass look as natural as possible!

The advantages of V-shape artificial grass fibers with MiNT technology

  • The ‘backbone’ and ideal angle of the V-shape result in grass blades that stay upright for longer. This provides a far superior product in comparison to traditional fake grass.
  • Thanks to Micro Nerve Technology, the fibre has strongly reduced reflection, preventing the turf from having an unrealistic and plastic look.

These developments are patented, so no other artificial grass company can offer the same natural look with V-shape fiber and MiNT technology!


We are delighted. Really happy and will definitely recommend your superior product and professional approach.

Ewan – Dublin


Our Promise and Values

Into Garden management and our experienced installation teams have many years of professional experience in customer service and installations are committed to offer our customer’s safe and high quality European manufactured products which do not contain heavy metals, toxins and are guaranteed by “the manufacturers” for 10 years on Wear and Tear and 11 years of UV discoloration.

We provide a free of charge house call service to discuss the customer requirements, advise on site preparation, show, explain, recommend the most suitable type of product and provide the customer with the basic knowledge on quality differences of artificial grass and putting green products in general.

I look forward to working for you.

Jacques van ‘t Hart – Director